Automated Takeoff & Landing Analysis Service (ATLAS)


ATLAS provides interactive order and automated delivery of Runway Analysis (formatted (paper or electronic) or electronic database information for flight planning systems) and/or Airport Data. Runway Analysis consisting of primarily Take-Off and Landing Data, Airport Data consisting exclusively of airport environment characteristics to produce Runway Analysis.

ATLAS is available via the internet.   Delivery of analyses is either online, through email, or via fax. 

With our worldwide airport obstacle database, we can provide charter customers "Runway Analysis" or "Airport Data" at a moments notice though our automated system.

ATLAS is available by dialing 303-539-0414, or by logging on to our website at http//, then choosing "Customer Login".  Please send all analysis requests via email to


Runway Analysis (Takeoff & Landing Data)


All performance data issued to our customers are based on programs written in accordance with the manufacturer's Airplane Operating Manual (AOM) and Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) in compliance with the respective authoritative agencies (e.g., FAA, CAA, etc.).  Let us know how we can fulfill your dispatching needs with quality services, engineering, or consulting assistance.

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Airport Data


Many aircraft manufacturers now provide performance programs that allow airlines to run their own Runway Analyses; however, the customer is still responsible for acquiring reliable airport data to use with their programs.  APG has solved this problem by assembling a worldwide database of airport characteristics and obstruction information for use with these programs.  Based on geographical and airport information sources from the world over, APG can provide up-to-date airport and obstruction information for your airline.  

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Special Departure Procedures


APG provides engine-out Special Departure Procedures that utilize our proprietary Airport Analyzer.  This product is a GIS application which will perform terrain and obstacle analysis along a specific ground track based upon a defined set of operational rules. The analysis searches through a complex set of numerous sources of databased electronic obstacle and terrain data and publishes a report of restricting obstacles which lie within a predefined corridor corresponding to the specific ground track. The report is in a format which can both be published and imported back into another database instance.  The graphical depiction of the report will also be databased for future reference by the user of the performance analysis.

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Surveillance (Watch) Airports


APG can assist your flight operation by maintaining the list of frequently flown airports to ensure that when changes are made to any runway, obstruction characteristics, or airport information, your airline will automatically receive the update.  This revision service allows you to receive your updated product either in an electronic or paper format, and includes copy service.  Customers flying regularly scheduled routes (known city pairs) or requiring surveillance on regularly flown airports, can be assured that they have the most up-to-date information on their specific airport pairs.

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Weight & Balance


APGs Weight & Balance is a stand-alone system for aircraft that offers precise calculations. The software is directly integrated with Runway Analysis and can improve both safety and available payload, possibly eliminating expensive fuel stops. It is available via the PDA or EFB, and complies with all FAR and JAR-OPS requirements.

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Product Specific Training


We are proud to announce that we are now offering training on all of our products and services.  Ensure that your operations staff thoroughly understands the data and the significance of the information that is being provided to the flight crew.  Training can be accomplished either in-house or on-site.

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